Fall and winter can bring unpredictable weather. From cold, rainy fall days to snowstorms in the winter, it's important to create a safe and warm environment at home. If your current furnace is struggling to provide comfort during winter, it may be time to replace. Use our check list to help determine.

  1. THE AGE OF YOUR SYSTEM: Check the age of your system. The average lifespan of a furnace ranges from 15 - 20 years depending on maintenance and usage
  2. RISING ENERGY BILLS: increase in energy bills can mean that your system is running less efficiently.
  3. DUST, DIRT, SOOT OR RUST PARTICLES: If you notice more dust, dander, soot, rust or dirt building up within your home while your furnace is running, it's a sign to install a new system.
  4. ROOMS HEATING UNEVENLY: notice different rooms within our home are heated (or not heated) it's likely due to your furnace. As your furnace ages, it can be more difficult to push heat evenly throughout your home.
  5. FURNACE HAS VISIBLE SIGNS OF RUST OR CRACKS IN OR AROUND SYSTEM: If you've noticed signs of rust or cracks developing in or around your furnace, it's time to replace.
  6. IF YOU'RE SYSTEM BECOMES NOISY OR HUMS: If your system is running louder than normal or develops rattles, buzzes or hums, it's time to replace due to cracks, leaks or other structural issues.
  7. FREQUENT REPAIRS: Look at your repairs bills and note how many times you had to call to repair your heating system within the last 2 years.

It's time to call for your free estimate with John Lehman. We strive to giving the best service and look for specials and rebates for your replacement of your furnace.